Hawaii Superferries Auctioned Off… What’s Next?

The two former Hawaii Superferries, the Alakai and the Huakai, were auctioned off for $25 Million dollars each this week in U.S. District Court in Norfolk, Virginia.

The purchaser, the U.S. Maritime Administration.


What this basically means, is they could turn them over to the Navy… and if the Navy wanted to… they could be back in the Hawaii Islands serving as military transport between the islands very soon.

Brad Parson’s over at the Hawaii Superferry Unofficial Blog asks:

…Now, what does MARAD do with those 2 vessels?

The Virginia Pilot reports:

“…The ferries will remain in Norfolk for now, a Maritime Administration spokeswoman said.

Possible options include selling the vessels as well as a possible deal involving the Navy, which expressed interest in the ferries last year.”


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