Express Your Thoughts on the Highway 130 Project

I’m soliciting comments for the upcoming Highway 130 meeting that will be held at Keaau Middle School on Monday, October 18th.

Anyone that has attended the KPAG Highway 130 meetings know that they are very structured and that often times the public gets shut out from having their questions answered.

Typically, only us folks that are on the committee are allowed to speak freely and ask questions or make comments when we want to during these meetings.

Being that I’m on the KPAG committee and will be allowed to speak at any given time during Monday’s meeting… I will allow folks to post comments here or email then to me at my email address at  damontucker @ (no spaces).  Please title Email as “Questions for H130 Meeting”

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  1. We need to immediately extend the merger at the humane society. Currently, it’s too close to the stop light to facilitate proper mergers. This is the fastest bandaid fix until the bigger stuff (multi lane; makai road) gets implemented.

  2. I would like to find out the locations along the Highway where Civic groups etc, can build covered Bus Stops.

    Civic groups and sponsors so the the People are not paying for this by taxes.

  3. No carmeras, no traffic lights, can you say roundabouts.
    all together now R-O-U-N-D-A-B-O-U-T-S

    The Lack

  4. My experience with the cameras on highways of AZ. People all break causing a mini traffic jam just before camera then get right back on the gas. Cameras run by private company that takes percentage of money of the money too.

  5. Aloha Damon,
    Although I don’t live in lower Puna, I would like to comment.. I do however live in Kea’au Heights which is the area near Kamehameha School. I drive daily into Hilo and have to approach the Kea’au bypass. (scary to say the least) Even though the lower Puna area has increased in population, so have many other areas. Over the last few years I have found that people merging into the Panaewa stretch are going at break neck speeds.. It is like the fast lane on the far left is almost over run with people going upwards of 60 mph. If everyone would just slow down, leave a little earlier and learn some highway manners things would be much better. Maybe this council should look into getting the traffic cameras along the 130 as well as the Volcano Hiway people would begin to slow down or pay speeding tickets like California.. Snap goes the camera, your caught speeding…also adding more traffic lights along 130 would probably help before $$$$ are wasted in making another road…

    • Unfortunately… or maybe fortunately (LOL) our council does not have much say on State Highways.

      I will say that I’m not an advocate of any sort of traffic cameras. They were tried on Oahu at a big expense and failed miserably. I will also say that I don’t think those cameras are working very well in California as I just recently got back from California and I would say that the majority of those drivers over there are effing crazy!

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