Councilman Greenwell… You Should Have Just STFU!

Councilman Greenwell wrote me a letter that I published on my blog shortly after he got arrested on JULY 17th for speeding on the Kona side of the Big Island.

I published it on my blog thinking what a frigging idiot… as ALMOST AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME EXACT DAY…  I MYSELF WAS RECEIVING A SPEEDING TICKET on Oahu.

I knew that I was speeding and I had a reason for it.  However instead of getting out of my car and telling the cop why I was speeding… I played it cool and knew I would have my say in court.

I remained calm… listened to what the officer had to say, and of course tried to explain to the officer why I was speeding… but I realized… I better just shut up and explain it to the judge.

Well Greenwell will have his day in court soon… as well as spending our tax dollars in the courtroom on a speeding ticket.

Had he remained calm and simply wrote a letter explaining why he was speeding like I did… and had a legitimate excuse… he may have gotten out of the ticket like I did. :roll:

So Councilman Greenwell… can I suggest you keep a little more composed next time you get a ticket?  Trust me… I’m no saint when it comes to driving… but I have learned to at least respect the cops when they do pull me over!

3 Responses

  1. Good job Damon! I’m impressed with your letter writing skills.

  2. Hopefully common citizen Greenwell can now have the time to repair his seemingly consistent broken down vehicle as well as now have the time to “slow down” a bit.

    Not having to race from one bonehead idea to another should allow him more time to drive the streets at the posted speed limit as well have his vehicle safe and sound with no broken tail lights etc.

    Hopefully, the public will never hear from this boob ever again in any capacity whatsoever.

    I wonder why he has remained so quite after getting his ass literally kicked in the last election.

    Of the several hundred who did manage to vote for this idiot, you can all rest now that the rest of the people elected someone with a brain.

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