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Happy Halloween

I’m heading out to take pictures of folks in Waikiki!

I will post the pictures tomorrow sometime.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Vapor Lock Keeps Me Grounded

Well today I was scheduled to go up in a stunt airplane and due to “Vapor Lock”, the pilot was not able to get the plane in condition for what we were going to do.

I guess this adventure will have to wait until the next time I’m on Oahu.

It was going to be with one of the pilots that recently flew in the Kaneohe Airshow… the famous stunt pilot Clinton Churchill!!!

Big Island Hit with 4.3 Earthquake

I just got a civil defense message that said the Big Island was just hit with a 4.3 Earthquake.

See the Earthquake report on the left column of this site for more information on the quake.

Now This is a Room With a View… Mahalo Waikiki Resort Hotel

Bye Bye Las Vegas

Well its been a memorable trip to Vegas!

Now for the real excitement on Oahu for the next few days!

Wordless Wednesday – Only in Las Vegas

Hawaii vs. Nevada… Political Ads

I thought it would be great to get away from Hawaii politics as it gets uglier towards election day… but jesus these folks in Nevada have it really bad!

EVERY commercial is a political ad and most of them are really ugly!

I just heard the following on TV “… says that a woman should have to keep a baby even if they have been raped… making lemonade out of lemons…”

I don’t know what’s on TV this week in Hawaii… but I’m glad I don’t know any of these politcal candidates here in Nevada using such negative campaign messages.

Whatever happened to talking about your own accomplishments instead of attacking anything and everything that your opponent may or may not have done or said in the past?


Late Night Gambling Binge… I guess I got lucky!

After losing close to $400 bucks today… I’m happy to report that I’m only down $75.00 after a last second “binge”.

Using an ATM card in Vegas is Costly!

Yes so I admit… I’m a Vegas loser so far! The best thing about it… is my debit card only allows me to lose $400 per day.

I went to get more cash out and my bank said “nope not today” :roll:

Well to be fair… it wasn’t all spent on gambling as I got hit with an unexpected $25.00 Luggage fee from Hawaiian Airlines (X2) and then another $43.68 for for early check-in and “resort fees” … food, shuttle fare, TIPS… everything adds up.

Hopefully my experiences here will lead to more opportunities in the future.

A $29.00 View of Las Vegas

I was able to score a room at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas for under $30.00 a night!

Needless to say… I think I got what I paid for when it comes to the view from my room.

Good Morning Las Vegas

Well I just arrived in Las Vegas! Didn’t get much sleep on the plane so I’m gonna go crash out for a little while!

A Coconut Jack-o-lantern

Only at the Hilo Airport will you find a coconut jack-o-lantern! Off to Vegas!

Polls: Hawaii County Council District 5 and 6 Races

[polldaddy poll=3974553]

[polldaddy poll=3974559]

What Happens in Vegas, You Will See on My Blog… Eventually!

So I’m heading off to Las Vegas for a “Workation“.  I’m happy to be leaving Hawaii during the last few days leading up to the election day as I can totally ignore things for a while and just return and cast my vote.

Politics is nasty and I haven’t enjoyed folks thinking that because I’m a blogger… that I have influence on politics.

I’ll be updating this site from Vegas during the next few days and bringing up my twitter feed to the top right of this site so those that want to “follow” me closer can.

Blogging from abroad and from my phone… I will begin this journey.

Once I return to Hawaii on Thursday… I’ll be on Oahu for a few days doing a couple things over there.

And to my wife… I left the credit card at home and I love you and thanks for supporting me on my journeys and work!  :wink:

County Offers Home Repair Loans to Low and Moderate Income Residents

From the Mayors Office:

The Residential Emergency Repair Program (RERP) was established by the County of Hawai’i to make low-interest loans available to low-and moderate-income homeowners who are interested in repairing and improving their primary residence.

The RERP loan can be used for roof repairs, electrical and plumbing work, sewer improvements, termite treatment and damages caused by termites or wood rot and the installation of a solar water heating system.

Loans range from $2,500 to $25,000 at 3% interest.  Loan payments are deferred for 15 years at which time full payment will be due.  Applicants 62 years or older or with special needs, may have 30% of the principal balance of the loan forgiven as a grant.   For information contact Dawnelle Forsythe at 959-4642.

It’s a Flash Mob at Aloha Tower

Check it out!  Aloha Tower was the sight of a recent “Flash Mob” and the people participating in it are some of the most unlikely folks that I would think to participate in something this spontaneous.

Normally these “Flash Mob’s” are done to promote something but I just see a bunch of folks having fun!

Well done folks!


Hawaii County Department of Public Works Starts Blogging

Well no one will admit this at the Department of Public Works… but the Hawaii County Department of Public Works has started blogging.

I know they don’t like the sound of that… but that’s what these sites are is just basically blogs:

From the Mayor’s Office:

The Department of Public Works has launched two redesigned websites for Flood Awareness, Education and Roadwork information at  http://dpw.co.hawaii.hi.us/flood/ and http://dpw.co.hawaii.hi.us/traffic/.

The new design incorporates improved navigation, enhanced functionality, and addresses Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessibility requirements to make the site easier to use by first-time visitors and those with disabilities, as well as being easier and more cost effective to maintain.

The new websites:

  • Improve access to report broken street lights, faded road markings, etc.
  • Provides links in the navigation menu to additional sources of information.
  • Alerts and updates citizens of any road and bridge work through RSS feeds.
  • Advises residents about flood hazards, insurance and protection.

In the coming months, an additional enhancement will include virtual brochures, and ordering and paying for safety educational products online through the Roadwork website.

I find the irony in this hilarious considering the Department of Public Works and Noelani Whittington herself tried to Blacklist Bloggers:

Groups ask Candidates to Pledge for Fair Elections

Organizations ask for Support for Public Funding Option for Elections

Media Release:

In a campaign season that is likely to set new boundaries for large amounts of private money flowing into election campaigns, a coalition of groups are calling on candidates to pledge their support for fair elections programs, like the pilot program currently running on the Big Island for county council elections.  A comprehensive public funding option, or fair elections, allows candidates to try to qualify for a competitive amount of public money for election campaigns, as an alternative option to raising private money.

While Hawaii has had a partial public funding program in place, paid for by a three dollar check off on state income tax forms, it has become increasingly obsolete as the cost of elections has continued to rise.  “Voters in the 1978 Constitutional Convention realized we didn’t want outside special interest money controlling our laws, so we created the partial public funding program at that time,” said Kory Payne, executive director for Voter Owned Hawaii.  “We need to upgrade this program to make it a viable option again, and we’re counting on candidates to pledge their support for that idea,” he added.

The groups have published which candidates have signed or not on Voter Owned Hawaii’s website.

In 2008, Voter Owned Hawaii and other groups pushed for the passage of a bill that created a pilot program on the Big Island that offers a full public funding option for candidates for county council elections.  Sixteen candidates filed “intents” to qualify, and eight candidates managed to gather the signatures and small contributions needed to get access to public funds.

Proponents of this program believe that separating money from politics is good for the public’s interest.  “It’s primarily because of outside influence on our laws that we burn imported fossil fuels to power over 90% of our energy and ship in over 85% of our food,” said Payne.  “By allowing taxpayers to step in and take back control of our election funding, fair elections can help us limit the influence of mainland corporations and move towards a more localized economy where a greater amount of the money stays in Hawaii,” he said.

According to Nikki Love, executive director for Common Cause, Hawaii, fair elections programs are good for democracy.  “If we want elected officials to be accountable to us, not big special interest donors, we need a comprehensive fair elections program.  The partial public funding mechanism just doesn’t work anymore,” said Love.

Advocates for fair elections also believe the environment will benefit if more candidates choose try to qualify for public funds for their campaigns. “Whenever campaign contributions influence how elected leaders vote on environmental policy, the environment usually loses.  Many of the largest campaign contributors in Hawai`i have a significant and negative impact on the environment, such as the utilities, oil companies, and developers,” said Brian Bell, a Sierra Club volunteer.

For more information, visit http://voterownedhawaii.org or call 457-8622.  Voter Owned Hawaii is a non partisan, non profit organization working to upgrade and modernize Hawaii’s obsolete partial public funding program.

A New Body Works Shop Has Opened in Hilo – Kama Body Works

I’d like to thank my latest sponsor Kama Body Works for sponsoring this site.

My father-in-law tested out his Lomi Lomi Massages and said it was great.  Anyone that knows my father-in-law… knows he doesn’t just say that about anyone.

So check out Kama Body Works: