The 2010 Aloha Festival Parade… Where Did All the Floats Go?

The Aloha Festival Parade in Waikiki is normally one of the most colorful parades in the nation, but this year… I have to ask… what happened to all the floats?

Last year there were 14 floats according to the Star-Advertiser.  This year there was only 5!

I have to wonder if the economy is taking away from this parade as it does cost a lot of time and money to put together a nice float. 

The Star-Advertiser said there was 5 floats… but as I look back over my pictures… I think they may have mistaken a few pooper scooper’s as floats.

Of course there was lots of equestrian units as well!

While the horse were adorned with much flowers… I had to feel sorry for them a bit as it was a hot day!

While I felt sorry for the horses… the folks I really felt sorry for… were the kids in all the marching bands that walked from Ala Moana Park all the way to Kapiolani Park!

I couldn’t imagine carrying this thing for nearly 3 to 4 miles in the blazing sun!

Feel free to click on the pictures above or below for larger images:

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