Media Day at the 2010 Kaneohe Air Show… Meet the Blue Angels

The Marine Corp Base of Hawaii presented their annual Kaneohe Bay Airshow this past weekend and I was thrilled to be asked to come to the Media and Family day that would happen on Friday before the actual show.

…During its history, 26 Blue Angels pilots have been killed in air show or training accidents.[13] Through the 2006 season there have been 262 pilots in the squadron’s history,[14] giving the job a 10% fatality rate

I actually got the invitation from someone who represents the media for the Pacific Armed Forces and they were trying to arrange a flight on the Blue Angels “Fat Albert” plane for a few others as well as myself.

I didn’t find out until we met as a group at the entrance gate that the Fat Albert ride hadn’t panned out… so I was a bit bummed.

Friday was basically an actual “dress rehearsal” for the actual airshow and they did everything including having the Skydive Hawaii jump team jump with the American Flag as the Marine Corp Band played the American Anthem.

The show began with some smaller acrobatic planes that were doing things that planes just shouldn’t be able to do!

But then it picked up with some Red Bull Skydivers…

… and this crazy ass Red Bull stunt helicopter that is one of the only helicopters in the world that can do the aerial stunts that it was doing.  Have you ever seen a helicopter fly upside down?

The military showed off some of it’s planes and tactics they use in the field.

It was totally realistic and things got a bit crazy with live drills and all!

At times, I felt like I was just a bit too close to the action!

This totally shocked all of us and we could feel the heat from the explosion all the way across the runway!

When they brought in the C-17… it sure reminded me of the time I got to ride in the cockpit of one of them.

I was thinking of going to the actual airshow on the weekend but I didn’t and instead I attended a few other things… Maybe someday I’ll get lucky enough to get a ride in the back seat of one of these buggahs!

I do find it a bit funny that I tried to take a picture of the entrance gate to the facility and a Military Police officer came over and made me DELETE THE PICTURE from my camera!

So I just did a simple google search and found this image… let the threats begin!

You can click on the pictures above or below for a larger view:

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  1. The reason you were asked to deleted your picture of the front gate is because regardless of any other images already online, people have used gate pictures in the past to try to get around security or make further plans to attacking the base(s). Seeing how I found your site just googling pictures of the airshow that happened there in 2010, I was able to find what I was looking for.
    You don’t have to like it, but you should respect it, because you could be directly responsible for the deaths of service members if the base is ever attacked. Never say never, remember what island you were on…..

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