The 4th Annual Honoka’a Peace Day Parade… The Picture Gallery

Yesterday was the 4th Annual Honoka’a Peace Parade and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to cover the events as well as the festivities that happened after the parade.

The parade was partially sponsored by the Hawaii Island Chapter of the United Nations Association.

After the initial police car came through leading the parade… The Cub Scouts from Pack 35 in Honoka’a lead the way.

After the cub scouts went by,  Steve Sparks (far left) and friends came by.

There were a lot of sweet rides in this parade:

As well as some cute ones:

The parade was about an hour long and included high school bands:

Local musicians like Brad Bordessa were aboard floats:

While a rock band played in the back of a flatbed truck.

I think the best thing about this parade is all the diversified groups and people that come together to put this on.

A parade wouldn’t be a parade here in Hawaii without a Royal Court and this one had it’s Royal Court as well.

Of course there will always be someone who tries to pull a fast one… I’ll have more on this character on Wordless Wednesday:

Feel free to click on any of the pictures above or below for larger pictures:

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  1. Damon! I looked for you at the parade… sorry I missed you.

    Hey, I just corrected the permatag of my 9/21 post about peace day. Hope this does not screw you up.

    Aloha, Nina

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