Staying at One of the Best Bed and Breakfast’s on the Big Island… The Waianuhea

This weekend my wife, son and I had the opportunity to stay at one of the nicest Bed and Breakfasts on the Big Island, The Waianuhea Inn, on the slopes of Honoka’a.

The Front of the Inn

I was stoked to learn that they were putting us up in the suite called Kalauna Akea as it had it’s own private entrance and was away from the main house so I wouldn’t have to worry about my son making loud noises and bothering other house guests.

Our own private entrance

Back Entrance

The suite itself had a living room and a separate bedroom

Our Living Room

We took a quick tour of the place and realized this place was a lot larger in person then it looked on the website!

Part of the downstairs area

Just be careful on these steps and stay to the outside if your walking on them as I almost missed a step!

This place is really classy and everywhere we looked we were impressed with the details of the place.

Interesting table

The cool thing about this place, is that it’s totally eco-friendly and gets all of it’s power through solar panels located on the property and on the roof of the buildings.

Solar Panels produce all the energy needed for Waianuhea

We received the full package and on Saturday evening they gave us a three-course-meal in their “Great Room”.  I forgot my camera, but dinner consisted of fresh local green salad with this awesome vinaigrette dressing, fresh organic Waimea corn, Mashed Sweet Purple Potatoes and a nice slice of mahi mahi covered in some sort of special dressing.  Dessert consisted of a Strawberry Icecream and Mango sorbet type of dish… All I can say is it was awesome!

The "Great Room" where we enjoyed a candle lit dinner

It was nice being up in the slopes of Honoka’a as there weren’t any coqui frogs to be heard of.  The only thing was that it was a bit cold up in the hills at least for someone who is local and they had the solution for that.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Unfortunately for us, they had just installed it and it wasn’t ready to use.  However, the Manager Randy was kind enough to bring us a couple of space heaters that kept the place more then toasty!

We were getting ready to wind down so we checked out some complimentary DVD’s from their stocked DVD Library and settled in for the night.

DVD and Game library

In the morning, we had breakfast next to the kitchen along with some of the other guests that were staying there.

The table we sat at for breakfast

Breakfast consisted of an array of fresh local fruits, juices and a special spinach like combination that was like a cross between a quiche and an omelet (and of course I forgot my camera for breakfast as well)

The Waianuhea Inn

It’s really a great place and I like to thank the organizer of the Peace Day Parade for setting up these accommodations for me, as The Waianuhea Inn was an official sponsor of the Peace Day Parade Poster contest.

Check out this video for even more views of this place:


Mayor Kenoi, PATH to Plan Pedestrian Safety in Wake of Latest Tragedy

Only a week after 79-year-old Tomiko K. Shimazu was killed in a Hilo crosswalk as she attempted to cross the road, Mayor Kenoi will bring key members of his cabinet together with Peoples Advocacy for Trails Hawaii (PATH) and other traffic safety advocates to complete a comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for Hawaii County.

The plan will be drafted over three full days, Tuesday through Thursday this week, by leaders of the Mayor’s Parks and Recreation, Public Works and Planning Departments, the county Corporation Counsel, Civil Defense and Hawaii Police departments, along with advocates from the non-profit bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization PATH and other community leaders.

The three-day workshop will be led by Fred Rank, a traffic engineer from the Federal Highway Administration, and John LaPlante, an engineer with global engineering firm T.Y. Lin International. These key stakeholders will identify steps that county leadership, community organizations and others can take to make Hawaii’s roadways safer for pedestrians. Proposals are expected to include infrastructure improvements, education, encouragement and enforcement strategies.

By the end of the three-day session, Hawaii County will have its own pedestrian safety plan. The plan will be the first of its kind in Hawaii and is critically needed in the wake of tragic crashes leading to over 300 injuries and more than 25 deaths on Hawaii Island roads since 2005.

For more information about the workshop or how to participate, please call Laura Dierenfield, executive director of PATH, at 936-4653, or email: You may also call Bobby Command, Executive Assistant to the Mayor at 895-2416, or email:

The 4th Annual Honoka’a Peace Day Parade… The Picture Gallery

Yesterday was the 4th Annual Honoka’a Peace Parade and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to cover the events as well as the festivities that happened after the parade.

The parade was partially sponsored by the Hawaii Island Chapter of the United Nations Association.

After the initial police car came through leading the parade… The Cub Scouts from Pack 35 in Honoka’a lead the way.

After the cub scouts went by,  Steve Sparks (far left) and friends came by.

There were a lot of sweet rides in this parade:

As well as some cute ones:

The parade was about an hour long and included high school bands:

Local musicians like Brad Bordessa were aboard floats:

While a rock band played in the back of a flatbed truck.

I think the best thing about this parade is all the diversified groups and people that come together to put this on.

A parade wouldn’t be a parade here in Hawaii without a Royal Court and this one had it’s Royal Court as well.

Of course there will always be someone who tries to pull a fast one… I’ll have more on this character on Wordless Wednesday:

Feel free to click on any of the pictures above or below for larger pictures: