Feel My Bean… A Peace Festival Poetry Slam

Last night, at “Feel My Bean” coffee shop in Honoka’a, the Peace Day Festival invited slam poets from around the state to participate in a “Poetry Slam“.

The outside of "Feel My Bean" coffee shop.

Before the event happened the sidewalks and road was cordoned off so that folks could draw sidewalk art that reflected their views of what Peace Day meant to them.

Mike draws on the street

Kids both old and young participated in the sidewalk art

Poets from Oahu took center stage and explained how the “Slam” would operate.

Oahu Poetry "Slammers"

Then one by one “Slammers” got up on stage and gave it all.

Like his shoes?

It takes a lot of guts to get up in front of people and speak, especially total strangers.

Emotional Poetry seemed to be the theme of the night

I have to hand it to these guys and gals as I don’t think I could do it.

There were no rules so you could read from paper if you wanted to

Paul K. Chappell was a guest of honor there but I was a bit too intimidated to talk to him and I really wanted to just listen to what others had to say.

Paul Chappell

He is the US Army Captain who  authored the bookWill War Ever End? A Soldiers Vision of Peace for the 21st Century.”

The books were on sale for $10.00

Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Folks really got into their poetry

While most of the poems were about peace a few others slammed about other things that were important to them like this young lady who talked about being a Hawaiian.

Proud to be a Hawaiian!

Then there was the touching story told by this young girl from Oahu about how she was proud of her mother for working as a maid at a hotel and supporting her family.

Proud of her mom the hotel maid

It was a great event and by the time I had to leave folks were already lined up outside just trying to hear the great poets.

Standing Room Only!

I had to leave a bit earlier then I wanted as my wife was back at the place we were staying and we had a timed dinner that was planned ahead of time.

I really am proud of the younger kids that participated in this.  They are the future.

You can click on any of the pictures above or below to make them larger.

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