Hassan Mouti Draws Pohaku Number One for Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships Today

The Red Bull Cliff Diving “Draw Party” was held last night at “Da Shack” with Kuhao Zane presiding over the presentation.

The divers all drew rocks from a Sig Zane bag and then all opened the tapa cloth around the rocks to determine the diving order for todays competition.

The tension rose as the order of the divers can  play a crucial part in the contest.

Cliff diver Hassan Mouti from France drew the rock that told everyone that he would be the first diver.

Hassan Mouti has the Tapa cloth with the 1 inscribed on it.

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below to make them larger.

Of course it wouldn’t be a good party without a little bit of a food fight between Columbian divers Orlando Duque and Eber Pava.

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