Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships (Day 2 Practice) – Artem Silchenko Makes It!

Well today was the second day of practice before tomorrows Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship in Hilo, Hawaii.

The biggest news of the day, was that Russian diver Artem Silchenko finally arrived despite having difficulties with his visa.

All the other divers were stoked to see him as although these folks compete against each other, they are still close as family.

He obviously had a long flight and was very tired as one of his comrades asked him if he wanted a shot of vodka and he turned it down.  They of course were shocked that the Russian would turn down a shot of vodka and asked him if he was alright!

I watched them practice for about an hour and scouted out locations where I could possibly take pictures at because the lighting makes it real difficult to get pictures from where the media will be staged.

I have the feeling I’ll be all over the place tomorrow.

The best location is going to be off limits tomorrow and that’s up by the actual platform.

The event has been moved up an hour in time due to the sunlight and the camera angles.

It’s pretty well known that diver Gary Hunt will be crowned this years winner as he has really taken this sport to new extremes.

Here Gary talks about the competition and the dives that he will attempt tomorrow:


I’m totally stoked this competition is happening here on the Big Island and the weather has been absolutely perfect for this… but can we get some dang ATV’s for these poor divers so they aren’t walking up the hill barefooted!

Tonights “Draw Party” at “Da Shack” is a private party only and I sure hope they have more then just Red Bull mixed drinks!

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Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship Luau

Last night the Red Bull Cliff Diving athletes were treated to Luau at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

Got Wings?

I’m sure Orlando Duque has no problem getting leid all the time (just teasing as he is happily married).

Orlando Duque gets leid

The Athletes were treated to dinner and a Polynesian review.

Getting ready to take the stage

I did find it a bit odd for them to bring in some bagpipes… but Red Bull is known to mix things up a bit.


When I went to get a drink… I asked for a Coke and Rum… but I couldn’t believe it when they actually busted out with a Red Bull and rum!  Guess I can’t bitch when it’s a free drink!

Red Bull and Rum?

More practice is today out at the falls and then tonight there will be a “Draw Party” at Da Shack (former Shooters) which will begin at 8:00 and from what I have been told, will be open to the public.

The platform at Kawainui Falls

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