The Hanapepe Massacre – September 9, 1924

Today was the first time I have ever heard of the Hanapēpē Massacre that happened back in 1924 on this date in history.

The Hanapēpē Massacre (also called the Battle of Hanapēpē since both belligerents were armed) happened on September 9, 1924, toward the end of a long-lasting strike of Filipino sugar workers on Kauai, Hawaii, local police shot dead nine strikers and fatally wounded seven; while strikers shot and stabbed three sheriffs to death and fatally wounded one, a total of 20 people died. As reprehensible as it may appear in retrospect, the incident did not arouse contemporary public censure nor bring into question the legitimacy of the coercive agents or their actions. The massacre brought an end to armed protests in Hawaii.

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