Candidate Maile David Defeats Kenoi Administration in Attempt to Remove her from Ballot


..The Third Circuit Court has ruled in favor of Maile David and against the Kenoi’s administration’s attempts to remove her from the ballot.

The court rejected County Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida’s legal argument that Ms. David had to register 90 days before the election.  Ms. David registered to vote 86 days before the election, though she had been a District 6 resident since 2008.

Saturday – The Art of Sinsation at the Pahoa Village Cafe

Leo Sears From the Big Island Film Festival at Mauna Lani Resort Earns International Certification

BIFF Founder/Executive Director Leo Sears presents actor Tom Berenger with the 2010 “Golden Honu” Award. (Photo by Jeff Sears)

Media Release:

At the recent convention of the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA), September 15-17, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri, Leo Sears received professional designation as a Certified Festival and Event Executive (CFEE).

Initiated by the IFEA in 1983, and sponsored by K & K Insurance, the certification program recognizes professionals in the festivals and events industry who have attained the highest level of competency in their field.   Requirements for obtaining the CFEE designation include experiential career achievements; required course work; published article(s) based on research pertaining to events; professional speaking requirements; and meeting the professional standards of the association and its assessment board.  The program typically takes three years to complete.

“The CFEE designation is a mark of distinction. These individuals have proven their commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, which in turn translates into the continued growth and success of their own festivals/events, as well as our industry as a whole,” states IFEA President & CEO, Steven Wood Schmader, CFEE.

Sears, a SAG actor, screenwriter, playwright, teacher and Executive Director of Big Island Film Festival, joins over 255 other festival/event professionals from around the world who have earned their CFEE certification since the program’s inception 25 years ago.  The 2011 Big Island Film Festival takes place May 11-15 at Mauna Lani Resort on the Big Island-Hawai’i.

Headquartered in Boise Idaho, the IFEA is a non-profit membership organization with members spanning 40 countries and 5 continents, and offers the most complete source of ideas, resources, information, education and networking for festivals and event professionals world-wide.  For more information on the IFEA, please go to

The Hanapepe Massacre – September 9, 1924

Today was the first time I have ever heard of the Hanapēpē Massacre that happened back in 1924 on this date in history.

The Hanapēpē Massacre (also called the Battle of Hanapēpē since both belligerents were armed) happened on September 9, 1924, toward the end of a long-lasting strike of Filipino sugar workers on Kauai, Hawaii, local police shot dead nine strikers and fatally wounded seven; while strikers shot and stabbed three sheriffs to death and fatally wounded one, a total of 20 people died. As reprehensible as it may appear in retrospect, the incident did not arouse contemporary public censure nor bring into question the legitimacy of the coercive agents or their actions. The massacre brought an end to armed protests in Hawaii.

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