Wordless Wednesday – Bloody Wreck in Pahoa

This wreck was caused by nothing but driver error:

There were two people seriously injured in this wreck.

I arrived right as the ambulances were arriving on the scene

We really don’t have a lot of folks that live here… so I am surprised at how many wrecks I come across.

4 Responses

  1. Thats my friend Clinton right there. LOL. The one in the tank, not the crash victim. What donkey crashed into a pole?

  2. And nice Mufi advert there, Lou!

    • No… I’m not Lucifer. I just drive around a lot!

      And the Mufi sign was coincidental as I’m trying my best not to be political on my site this year.

  3. Dude!

    I think you real first name is “Lou”

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