Labor Day Weekend Kicks Off at Pahoa Village Cafe… Naeole Gets Electric

I touched his bike!!!!

Well Labor Day is upon us and Pahoa Village Cafe was the happening spot last night.

As usual on Labor Day Weekend… the bikers were out in full affect.

I arrived about 9:00 without my camera… and I was kind of bummed.  So what did I do…  I asked a police officer for a ride home so I could go get my camera because even though I just lived a few minutes away by foot… it was raining pretty hard.  Mahalo to the police officer that gave me a ride home and back to the club… you know who you are.

Of course it wouldn’t be an event in Pahoa without Councilwoman Emily Naeole making an appearance.

Councilwoman Naeole with Lt. Governor Candidate Steve Hirakami

Even though there was a slight rain, there were still about 40 -50 bikes in all.

Of course I liked the latest bike built by Big Island’s own Lloyd Enriques:

Of course Jarret Enriques has a solid bike as well:

But the real highlight of the evening… had to be watching Councilwoman Emily Naeole doing the “Electric Slide”