Hilton Waikoloa Presents… Hawaiian Elegance Brunch

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The Vanguardist

She’s done it for many years. Dressing bodies has been part of Nalani’s life, over and over. There were performances back in the 60s that required calls to feature color, movement, and form. The use of natural materials like hau, lauhala, and raffia, brought added dimension to the silhouette. Each year at the Merrie Monarch Festival, costuming at Wednesday night’s ho`ike is her creative idea.

With all things, Nalani has been a trendsetter. She is capable of new applications to bridge tradition and contemporary and become the modern example. Often times, the simple twist of a decades old idea becomes the canvas for the twenty-first revolution. The ability to be the forefront is best described as part DNA and part visionary.

This weekend we feature Hoku Malama, the first fashion show featuring Nalani Kanakaole. Designed for the women of substance, we celebrate styles that are fresh, architectural, and totally flattering. I am tickled. Again. I love the creative genius that Nalani is.

September 5, 1:00 pm, Monarch Ballroom, Hilton Waikoloa – See you there!


Swimming Next to Molten Lava on the Big Island

Well it looks like someone decided to go for a swim with Pele!  What a crazy person!

While watching Hawaiian lava pour into the Pacific, a dispute erupted with regards to whether the water around the lavafall would be hot. M decided to find out.


Wordless Wednesday – I “Heart” Hawaii

I caught this picture as the gates were opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California last week… notice the kids shirt?