A Resting Stop for the Outlaw… Behind the Scenes at Night of a New Television Show

There is a new television show premiering on September 15th on NBC called “Outlaw“.

Starring Emmy Award winner Jimmy Smits (“NYPD Blue,” “The West Wing”), “Outlaw” is a new drama from creator and executive producer John Eisendrath (“Alias,” “Felicity”)…

…Using his inside knowledge of the justice system, Garza and his team will travel across the country taking on today’s biggest and most controversial legal cases…

When I was in California last week the production team and some of the talent were staying at the same hotel that I was staying at.

I wondered why security was so tight in the parking lot but still managed to take the following pictures:

Now this is a truck that was parked with the rest of the crews cars and I’m not sure if it’s a prop for the show or not… but I’ll be on the look out for an episode where these antlers might be used somehow.

Antler Prop?

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