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Tribune Herald on the TMT Project… HUH? Where are the Locals?

I was trying to figure out how the TMT project was providing a boost in our economy when not many folks right now are even from Hawaii that are working on this project and construction has not officially began.

I fired off the following question to Sandra Dawson the “Task Leader for the TMT Site Master planning”:

I read in the newspaper the other day that the TMT has helped employment numbers on this island, but at no time have I seen an announcement listing job opportunities.

I do see quite a few people employed: http://www.tmt.org/about-tmt/people

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like many local folks have been hired yet.

When will local folks have an opportunity at applying for positions with TMT.

I got the following response from Ms. Dawson regarding the newspaper article:

The newspaper should have said “will help employment numbers”.  The only hiring we have done so far is a few small contracts with local companies for surveys, and several contracts for consulting.  I am still the only
TMT employee in Hawaii.
Current TMT employees are are specialized telescope designers and scientists, and are in California and Canada.  If there are local folks who qualify for these specialized positions they will be considered.  I see every applicant for jobs from Hawaii, and there have been very few so far.

We hope to begin construction by the end of 2011.  When we do that, we will likely beef up our office staff here with local people, as well as hiring local construction workers.

Year-Round Bike Sharing Hits The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is responding to the recent bike-sharing frenzy by introducing its own pilot B-Cycle program in the city of Kailua in December. The initiative is intended to offer a healthy choice of transportation, lessen the volume of traffic on the roads and improve the current car-cyclist relationship.

“B-Cycle is more for the residents of Kailua than for the tourists,” said Nguyen Le of Momentum MultiSport. “It is to provide a way for the residents to get around for short trips by bike instead of by car. The reason Kailua was chosen was because it is a geographically small area with natural divisions by the ocean and the high hills. It has a population density so a cycling program can service the community adequately which is what made it a good candidate for a pilot program.”

More Here:

Year-round Bike Sharing Hits The Hawaiian Islands – BikeRadar.

For clarification purposes I had the following message sent to me from cyclist Mike Zagorski:

Their is a b-cycle program starting in kailua on o’ahu driven by momentum multisports owner nguyen le. (Sponsor of my cycling team)