ADA Projects Underway for the Puna Area

The Department of Public Works has provided a map of projects that are either underway or planned for the Puna District.  You can see it by clicking  here: Puna

Among the future/in planning projects are Traffic Controls for the district that would be ADA Compliant.

My question is… when they say future does this mean any time soon… or does this mean in 20 – 30 years… or possibly not at all?

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  1. his is from an ada brochure i have from ada website:
    3. Q: What is the time line for making structural changes?

    A: Any structural changes that are required to achieve
    program accessibility must be made by January 26, 1995. Each
    public entity with 50 or more employees was required to complete
    a transition plan by July 26, 1992, setting forth the steps
    necessary to complete the changes

    i always wondered how the county has gotten away with such a long delay in compliance, i was at hot pondsa few weeks ago. and one family really struggled to get their family member into and out of the pond. whilethere is a newly paved path to waters edge a simple ramp into the water would greatly ease the use for people seeking therapy in the hot water.

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