4,000 Comments… Mahalo!

I was approving my latest comments and I noticed that I had my 4,000th legitimate comment here.

The scary thing is the amount of spam comments that gets generated when you run a site like this.  Askimet has literally caught over 80,000 spam comments!!!!

I’d go crazy if I had to moderate all that crap!  I can tell you now that if it weren’t for WordPress catching a lot of the crap that tries to get onto my site… I would have give up blogging along time ago.

Well I’m off to California for a week and will expand on this next venture in my life soon enough.

3 Responses

  1. Over half those comments stay yours bitch!

  2. Damon, While you are away, you can text your vote in for our grant by texting 101665 to 73774 (Pepsi). Thanks for all the help you’ve given us. Easiest way to vote is http://www.happinessu.org/hotshowers. For: Solar showers at Hilo and Pahoa pools, continuing the free Hele-On and hygiene and basic items to shelters/churches helping those in need. Mahalo, Kehaunani Masaki

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