Oceanic Big Island Road Runner Users Getting Screwed!

Have you been having troubles uploading pictures, videos, or anything else of late?

I’m a bit frustrated that I’m not able to upload large files ever since we have had our fiber cut.

I will be researching ways to get a refund for my internet service until I am able to upload files to the internet.

I have no problem downloading files… as seen by the results on the tests here… anyone else on the Big Island having troubles with the upload speeds?


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  1. Damon,

    I spend at least 5 hours a day online (more on the weekends).
    So, I’m acutely aware of any issues with my Internet Access.

    However, I would recommend you make a trouble call to OTWC and explain to them your problem. There is no reason to believe its related to the recent fiber cut. Nevertheless, it seems to be a localized issue. Especially its only affectingyour upload speeds.

  2. I’m surprised that you are having upload problems. OTWC has leased 70GBps of bandwidth from Sandwich Isles Communications as a stopgap measure until the Wavecom/Twtelecom fiber is repaired.


    • @aaron I’ve been struggling w/ on-off with Roadrunner service now for a few months. I believe there is something going on in our general vicinity that is affecting my service right now.

      Ever since the fiber was cut… I’ve had much difficulties uploading even small files at times… It really all depends on the times of the day too.

      I understand you’re not on the computer as much as I am so you might not notice this problem as much as I do as the demand for bandwidth increases during certain times of the day when you might be at work.

  3. No, troubles here. Services has actually improved. I use aloha broadband, which is serviced by roadrunner.

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