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Inside Roger Christie’s THC Ministry

I just came across Roger Christie’s youtube channel for his THC Ministry that was recently busted.  The clips are really kind of strange looking back on them now.


In this video, he basically explains the whole business and the Holy Anointing Oil.


3 Responses

  1. Now his trial will be delayed for 7 months.


    Denied bail.

    Denied right to speedy trial.

    For POT!!!

    And a 3 time drunk driver whose punishment was a court order “banning” him from driving and registering a car – never spending more than a few hours behind bars – and now arrested for killing someone while driving and DRUNK.

    And he’s still free – well laying in a hospital bed recovering – most likely at taxpayer expense – from his injuries he got from committing MURDER.

    Sound fair to you??

  2. I fail to understand this post.

    Unless it is to remind us that a person who has been accused of a crime sits in jail, deemed to be a “danger to the community” and refused bail. Even if the bail set as high as a million or even two million – but in Mr. Christie’s case, our legal system has determined that NO AMOUNT of money can offset his “danger to the community.”

    When a snippet of a post like this is made, one has to ponder the reason. Is it to poke fun at Mr. Christie? Or is it to try to prove to everyone the injustice Mr. Christie has been dealt?

    It just makes no sense.

    Coupled with this “snippet” post – is absolutely not one word about Mr. Robert W. Smith Jr.

    He is the three time – banned for life from ever driving a car – who killed Stella Corona by driving a car while drunk.

    He was arrested and released – because he sits in a hospital due to his injuries suffered while murdering Stella Corona.

    What I surmise from this post – is that you think Roger is a joke and “deserves” his situation.

    What I surmise from your lack of any posts about Robert W. Smith Jr., is that you support his actions and his situation.

    This post makes no sense Damon.

    You should pull it.

    • I’m waiting for WordPress to allow me to post the certain specific clip that I saw. WordPress has been acting very strangely for the last 24 hours and even their “Support” is down for some reason.

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