Forbes Ranks UH Manoa Higher then Washington State University

UH Manoa, the college I graduated from, placed higher in the Forbes list of top universities this year, then my number one choice of schools after I graduated from high school.

UH Manoa placed 376 and Washington State University got 377 in this years selections.  :roll:

I think that UH Manoa should have placed much higher… but of course I’m biased in my decision.

Sig Zane Designs for Fujitsu Japan & Aloha Express

Nurturing our bodies with fruits of inspiration promotes growth for the mind, soul, and spirit!

Sig Zane Designs:

“When my son reached his first birthday, we placed his piko under a breadfruit tree.  Twenty-eight years later, we continue to reap its fruit and especially, wisdom that has been gained from its inspirational qualities!

Partnering with Fujitsu to create a design for a laptop, we had several layouts.  We thought of our most favorite flowers and trees as they continue to fill us with joy in life.  In review of the lehua, melia, and the ulu, it was the meaning and the symbolism that stood out.  Today we hold our new Uluwehi Keaukaha computer and we are amazed!

Indeed the blessings of life fill our hearts.  With each gift we are nurtured further.  This lolouila, this computer, renews our honor and respect to the source of much personal growth and inspiration.

May the ulu inspire others as it has provided growth within ourselves!

This project in collaboration with Fujitsu, Aloha Express and Sig Zane Designs features Fujitsu’s “Lifebook MH380” model and “Uluwehi Keaukaha” – the modern breadfruit print from Sig Zane Designs.

This collaboration is limited in production and exclusively available in Japan. ”

Please visit this site for more info:

Inside Roger Christie’s THC Ministry

I just came across Roger Christie’s youtube channel for his THC Ministry that was recently busted.  The clips are really kind of strange looking back on them now.


In this video, he basically explains the whole business and the Holy Anointing Oil.


Wordless Wednesday – 3EB Three Days Away