Owner of Smear Site Against Councilman Guy Enriques is Morton Bassan

So anyone that knows me… knows that I hate it when folks set up smear sites against candidates in politics.  A few years ago I outed the site that was setup to attempt to smear then Mayoral Candidate Billy Kenoi.

I don’t believe in much of the things Guy Enriques stands for… but I just hate folks that are anonymous and set up sites to harm folks and/or scam folks.

Recently, another smear site has been set up to smear current County Council member and candidate Guy Enriques…  “Impeach Guy Enriques

Anyone that understands “impeachment” will know that you can only impeach someone for something they have done while they are in office. :roll:

A quick search on the site reveals the following:

Created On:02-Jun-2010 18:56:57 UTC
Last Updated On:01-Aug-2010 20:33:41 UTC
Expiration Date:02-Jun-2011 18:56:57 UTC

Registrant ID:CR49499988
Registrant Name:Morton Bassan
Registrant City:Naalehu
Registrant State/Province:Hawaii
Registrant Postal Code:96772
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.8089297443
Registrant Email:[email protected]
Admin ID:CR49499991
Admin Name:Morton Bassan
Admin City:Naalehu
Admin State/Province:Hawaii
Admin Postal Code:96772
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.8089297443
Admin Email:[email protected]
Billing ID:CR49499992
Billing Name:Morton Bassan

...Morton Bassan, the owner of Ka'u Gold Orange Co. said state investigators have
 looked over his Neighbor Island operation in connection with the Global investigation..

19 Responses

  1. Who is Morton Bassan ? What is his story ?? He claimed that 120,000 lbs. of oranges were stolen from his farm,” by people with duffel bags”. What a crock of shit , to steal that much you would need a truck and a fork lift . my question is , did Bassan have crop insurance?? if so how much did he collect from the insurance company? Enriques is no angel , but what politician is? How dose Bassan make his living now that the bank kicked him off the farm? is it through litigation? Go to HI. judiciary to fined out.

  2. I am embarrassed that Guy Enriques was ever elected to represent District 6. The only bumper sticker we need to see today is “Google Guy Enriques”. No need to live in the dark about who he is. Britanny Smart will redeem Kau in the General Election on Nov. 2, as many of Enriques’ past supporters will no longer turn a blind eye.

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