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Interesting Incident at the Honolulu Airport

I just noticed this youtube clip.  I really dislike security guards who act like they are doing their jobs but in reality… they are just being assholes!

The person’s comments are below the clip.

*UPDATE* looks like they have made this clip a private clip now.


Watch how he try’s to provoke me. He is a moron and is mad that as soon as he said what he did I just said o.k. bye! When he refers to the ladies i was bothering he was right…They said “you need to put your dog in a cage at all times in the airport” I said “no I don’t she is a service dog as her harness CLEARLY states” then she said ” It dosent matter…ALL dogs must be in a cage(yes she said cage) while in the airport” I told her ” your just not that smart but I will give you a pass since it’s 2:00 am and you work for delta…but you really should learn the law and at least know a little something that you are talking about” then she said ” I do know what I am talking about…no animals in the airport unless the are in a cage” I just shook my head at her and said ” I don’t have a cage but if I did I would put you in one” and I walked away. When he refers to seeing dog off leash on video, he is right she was for about 10 seconds as I was changing her harness..on top of that it was 2:00 am and our flight was delayed 3 hours there was supposed to be 150 on board there was on 20. There was no one in the airport at all and no one by us. he had no idea he was being filmed in till the very end.

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