Roger Christie… Drug Dealer or Religious Saviour… The Evidence Against Him

I have heard so many rumors and things about the Roger Christie marijuana drug bust that I just want folks to know what is really going on and not what is being reported in the papers from what I know as the “average joe blow”.

I’m tired of holding onto the actual transcripts as to why Roger Christie of the THC Ministry should be held in Federal Prison without bail  so here it is… (why the newspapers don’t release this information is beyond me)

As you can see…. Mr. Christie is up a creek without a paddle.

Please don’t hate on me for releasing this…!

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  1. If Roger was a local this wouldn’t be happening. they just hate white people in Hawaii.. Should of give them to the japs

  2. As I have always stated, what Roger was doing was WRONG. He, either on his own, or with some absolute terrible legal advice thought he could be a marijuana dealer with immunity.

    Further, the use of religion – or a church – further shows what a true farce of a business Roger was conducting as well as further shows how religion becomes perverted into anything but what the Real God truly is all about.

    However, here are links to two news stories.

    Do you think that Roger is a greater “Danger to the Community” than the alleged perpetrators of the crimes these two stories point out?

    I have not heard the fate of the 3 Meth suspects, but the 3 time drunk driver who has now allegedly killed someone – well he is sitting at home tonight.

    Probably drunk.

    But I guess he is NOT considered a “Danger to the Community.”

    And yes – marijuana is illegal while alcohol is legal.

  3. I can’t open a .pdf, but I am very interested in reading the document.

    • I suggest going to someone’s house that is able to open a .pdf file as it’s a fairly common file.

      You can also download Adobe Acrobat for free.

  4. It’s always seemed clear that Christie was essentially thumbing his nose at the law and all but daring them to arrest and prosecute him. I think he’s a fool, but now he’s got his chance for a day in court. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  5. Thanks for this…I doubt it will change the opinion of those who seek to make Roger a martyr, but clearly it shows a much larger scam than even those of us here in downtown ever imagined. Just like most things, in the end it seems it was all about the money.

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