The Fish That Nearly Got Away


Pearlridge Shopping Center Purchased for $242 Million

…In the Hawaiian deal, a partnership of Blackstone and mall owner Glimcher Realty Trust has agreed to buy the Pearlridge Center mall on the island of Oahu for $242 million, people familiar with the talks said…

Wall Street Journal

Progress Being Made at the Pahoa Recycling and Transfer Station

There is progress being made at the Pahoa Transfer and Recycling Station.

It should be a pretty nice station considering it’s costing close to $4 Million!

They have already made improvements by setting up bins for large appliances.

There were about 8-10 large tractors and dozers on the premise.

The completion is scheduled for April of 2011 but we will see if that actually comes to fruition.

At least they are keeping the place open while they are renovating it.

This is an artists rendition of what they place will look like when it is completed.

Roger Christie… Drug Dealer or Religious Saviour… The Evidence Against Him

I have heard so many rumors and things about the Roger Christie marijuana drug bust that I just want folks to know what is really going on and not what is being reported in the papers from what I know as the “average joe blow”.

I’m tired of holding onto the actual transcripts as to why Roger Christie of the THC Ministry should be held in Federal Prison without bail  so here it is… (why the newspapers don’t release this information is beyond me)

As you can see…. Mr. Christie is up a creek without a paddle.

Please don’t hate on me for releasing this…!