More 1960 Hilo Tsunami Photos… Before and After

Here are some more pictures that Charles Hansen has sent to me.  The first four pictures are before the Tsunami and the last one is  an aerial that was taken a few months after the Tsunami.

Like the other posts, the commentary below the picture is from Mr. Hansen.

We enjoyed a picnic on the North shore, two days before the tsunami, not aware of the panic that would soon follow.

The SS Lurline readies to leave port, for the open ocean, avoiding the arrival of the pending tsunami.

With the SS Lurline in the background, young boys compete for coins thrown by passengers.

As the SS Lurline slowly moves away for the pier young boys eagerly await coins tossed to them by passengers.

This aerial view was taken months later. The Hilo Theater is seen center and next to the ocean

2 Responses

  1. I have to say I’m wondering about that Lurline business. I was in Hilo for the 60 tsunami — almost got killed by it. True, that weekend until Sunday afternoon I was in Ka’u, not in Hilo, but I’m really wondering whether the Lurline called into Hilo that weekend.

    I guess it’s the “avoiding the arrival” that troubles me.

    Certainly I could be wrong! But unless the Lurline left sometime on Sunday the 22nd, after the warning, it could hardly be said to have been “avoiding” anything. Before the warning, who knew? No one.

    • I don’t think Mr. Hansen meant that the Lurline left to avoid the pending disaster.

      I think he meant that the Lurline was fortunate to leave before the pending disaster… thus avoiding it.

      Mr. Hansen is now in his 70′s and I don’t believe he was trying to say a message that was meant to be misconstrued.

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