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Jumping Out of an Airplane at 13,000 Feet with Skydive Hawaii

Well I had quite the weekend that’s for sure!

Besides going up in a C-17 and watching a military aerial drop over the Big Island on Friday, then on Saturday going up in a C-2A COD and landing on the Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan and then catapulting off the buggah… I think I forgot to mention something!

On Thursday, I went SKYDIVING again with Skydive Hawaii!

I was suppose to get pictures and a movie taken of me… but for some reason the pictures didn’t get taken (I didn’t mind as this was completely free and even the cameraman was risking his life to videotape me!)

If you want to see pictures from my first jump that I took on the the first of the year, you can click here.

Here is a short video I took from the DVD that they gave me on Thursday.  If it looks grainy it’s because I videotaped the DVD from my TV so that I could upload it to youtube as I wasn’t able to digitize the DVD they gave me.


2 Responses

  1. I enjoy skydiving, especially the free fall. After, the parachute opens I usually get motion sickness. So, I only tandem dive.

  2. You look like you were having WAAAAAAY more fun this time.

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