Another Highway 130 Wreck

Well it seems like I’m driving by a wreck about once every couple of days of late.

It looked to me as though the truck rear ended the white car.

The State does know this is a dangerous highway.  I’m waiting for someone to sue the State for the design of some of the intersections.

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  1. I’m sure the constant speeding doesn’t help either. I have to laugh sometimes about all the idiots that pass dangerously on the Queen K between Kawaihae and Kona. Look at it this way — it’s what, 40 miles? So at 60 mph you’ll get there in 40 mins, but 120 mph you’ll get there in 20 mins….big deal yay. And it’s not like you’d even possibly maintain an average 120 mph, so all those people passing and nearly having head-ons are shaving maybe 10 mins at most off their trip if they really really try (averaging 80 mph, which is nearly as impossible because you’ll constantly have to drop speed…wait for a passing opportunity, then speed back up). In a big hurry for nothing.

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