I’ve been receiving more photographs of the aftermath of the 1960 Hilo Tsunami that have never been released before… so I’m opening up a new tab for these pictures as they come in at the top of my site in case anyone misses any of them.

This is part III of photos being sent to me about the 1960 aftermath of the Hilo Tsunami. Feel free to click on the tab above to view more pictures:

Large boulders, mud, silt and debris covered the main shopping district street.

Main street Hilo, several young boys examine one of many new Plymouth’s that were washed from their showroom. The Hilo Theater is in the background left.

It was reported that curious onlookers went to this bridge to watch the incoming tsunami (Bob Lawson worked w/ Mr. Hansen on these)

We had been shopping in these shops the day before. Now the shopkeepers were trying to salvage what remained of their goods. The streets were littered with debris and electrical wires.

We had shopped in this store the day before. The store had been full of goods neatly stacked on shelving, in rows, 6′ high. I noticed that a few, apparently untouched, items remained on high shelves (see left and right walls).

South view, looking toward the Hilo Theater

Aloha Damon,
You will notice that I have included a few photos that are copyrighted “Bob Lawson.”
Bob Lawson was my partner that day. We have always shared pictures and especially when they included us. If you see his copyright…and in that picture is someone carrying a camera, or two, or three camera’s…well that be me! I believe there will be a total of three pictures like that in the entire set. In addition and at my request, Bob did send one additional photo to ad to my submissions.

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