MORE NEWLY RELEASED Photos of the Aftermath of the 1960 Hilo Tsunami

I put a video up the other day that former Navy Military Photographer Charles Hansen put together of some of the pictures that he took of the aftermath of the  1960 Hilo Tsunami.  (He was granted access as a military photographer)

Mr. Hansen has been kind enough to grant me access to more of his photographs he recently decided to start digitizing.  You may click on the images for larger images, but you may not reproduce these images per Mr. Hansen.

Here is the first batch of pictures he has sent in along with the dialog that went along with the pictures.  Hopefully he will continue to send them as he has time.

This was the military rest camp where we stayed located up in the mountains

This was my first observations of the damage that had been caused hours before. This seemed to be the highest point that the wave reached. At the time, I wondered what the damage on the lower ground would be like

Citizens were milling about with great concern and anguish. Officials were probing the debris looking for missing persons

We moved closer to the center of town to get a closer look. There was security (National Guard?) preventing entry and what appeared to be officials that were making reports of the damage

We were able to gain access to the main destruction zone. It was an erie experience as we had been shopping in this same area the day before and now it looked as if a huge bomb had exploded. The main street next to the waterfront was filled with sand, silt, seaweed and huge boulders. I remember that there were many unbroken bottles of wine and beverage laying in the silt. These bent parking meters signaled me that there had been a night of horror.



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  1. Great photos, glad they are being preserved. Note, I the photographer was active duty military you may not be able to assert copyright. The federal government is barred from any form of copyright on photos.

  2. Thank you for these, Damon.

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