The Census Worker Arrested for Trespassing

So everyone wants to know the scoops… well since officially I haven’t been served the subpoena I will say the following:

The census worker, Jay Haas, that was arrested for trespassing on a police officers property in the Puna District, the trial will begin on July 22nd at the Federal Court House on Oahu.

I have been called by about 10 – 15 different media folks asking me about things on this case… I’ve kept my mouth shut… my answers will come out under questioning under oath.

Besides that, as census workers… were not allowed to talk to media folks… so fricking quit calling me from New York at 9:00 your time which ends up being 3:00 AM MY TIME!

Nuff said before I land myself in jail… but like I said… I’ve only been called by the Prosecutors and Attorneys… I haven’t seen any paperwork as yet that says I can’t have MY FREE SPEECH ON MY BLOG right now!

What I have heard… is that the head of the US CENSUS Bureau is coming out to this trial… Jesus… what did I get myself into simply by wanting to help my community out at times?

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  1. Stay cool, bra! Keep your mouth shut and your head down — the last thing you want is to become something that can be used as a distraction.

    Like you said — talk under oath, no comment for the media.

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