*Update* Video of the New Helicopter Hawaii County Fire Department Will Receive

*They updated the video*

This is just too strange to me… but I’ll just roll with it for now.

The following video is from Tucker & Associates Print and Video Media (I swear to god I have no affiliation with this company)

It appears to be video footage of the new “…MD500E helicopters for the Hawaii County Fire Department.”


Oh Wow Luau – VIP Treatment at the Royal Kona Resort

On Friday evening, the Royal Kona Resort was kind enough to let me come check out their facilities and see their famous luau put on by their food and beverage department along with Tihati Productions.

It was total VIP treatment from the moment I checked in to the moment I checked out!  I received a room on the top floor of the Ali’i Tower that had this incredible view.

The room itself was huge and had a king size bed and all the standards  of most hotel rooms including a refrigerator.

I was talking to the Director of Sales and he mentioned that the property was originally a Hilton property.

While the Resort is over 40 years old, it has been well maintained and is still in excellent shape.

He also mentioned that more and more local folks are staying at the resort and I guess he wasn’t kidding as I saw Tom Lackey there and he mentioned that he was staying there for the evening so that he could sell his Huli Huli Chicken on the Kona side this weekend.  I knew where I could find Tom later on in the evening… In the bar!

When I got to my room, the message light was flashing on my phone, so I called and the message was that I could meet the Food and Beverages Operation Manager before the Luau and he would take me to my seat.  Well this was totally cool because I hate standing in lines and I looked off my lanai about a half an hour before the doors even opened and the line up was getting huge already.

When I finally made my way downstairs, I met up with the manager and he simply walked me past everyone and into the luau area where he introduced me to folks at the resort that would be taking care of me for the evening.

Food and Beverages Operation Manager Lemel Lomboy and two of his staff

When folks finally start being allowed into the luau grounds, they are greeted with a lei and then photo opportunities with their families and friends.

It was cool checking out the luau from a kind of a behind the scenes look.  Part of the admission price of the Luau includes all you can drink Mai Tais, beer or wine.

I was stoked that they actually saved the best spot in the entire luau just for me!

I was talking to a couple of folks that were celebrating their 45th anniversaries when out of know where, the food and beverage manager brought me this Pina Colada in a coconut cup that I only found out later… that other folks were paying money for the cup and that you could keep it!

After a few drinks and a couple songs from the entertainment that was there it was time to eat!  They invited everyone to come over and check out the pig being removed from the imu and the smell was “Ono” or in other words… awesome.

After that we all went back to our seats and they treated us to a short little “Lava Lava Fashion Show”.

When it was time to eat, they announced that they would be sending groups over to the food by one row of tables at a time… and it just so happened to be the tables that I was sitting at were the very first selected!

I of course avoided all starches and loaded up on Steak, Chicken, Fish and Kalua pig,  I did have a little green salad just to make my plate look a little balanced. :roll:

I was looking to get another drink, when all of a sudden I noticed this guy that appeared to be getting ready to start the show, as I noticed a conch shell in his hand so I started filming and this is what I filmed!


The show then started and it was an excellent show where they showed the different dances from different Polynesian cultures that represent the “people of the Hawaiian Islands in general”.

It’s all in the hips!


I was fortunate enough to video tape what I thought was one of the more entertaining parts of the production the Maori Slap Dance.


Got Poi Balls?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared with my camera to get decent shots of the fire dancing part of the show… but that was pretty awesome as well.

But this short clip can show you a better grasp of what the dancer was doing and how fast the fire was actually moving.


It was a great show and they ended it by giving us one last final dance and then a friendly Polynesian send off.

The dancers stuck around after the show and took pictures with everyone who wanted to take pictures with them… I figured I had enough picture taking for the evening and was tired and wanted to go rest because I had a big day the next day which I’ll post later.

I had a great evening and I’d really like to thank the folks at the Royal Kona Resort for their outstanding service and treatment!  I was even offered breakfast but I was running late for another adventure I was going on.

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