New Zealands Fat Freddy’s Drop(s) in at the Royal Kona Resort

Fat Freddy’s Drop” was the headliner at last nights concert at KB Extreme over in Kona.  They are from New Zealand and considered one of the top groups over there right now.

I was out checking out the Royal Kona Resort when I noticed 4 vans pull in.  I only recognized them from a flier that I had seen earlier in town.

Members of Fat Freddy's Drop check in to the Kona Beach Resort

They were just in San Francisco the other day and they had just gotten off the plane so I didn’t want to bother them for an interview or anything.  I got a chance to ask someone who was working with the hotel if that’s who they were and they confirmed it.

New Zealand’s Fat Freddy’s Drop call their sound “hi-tek soul”– an alluring mix of reggae, soul and dub…


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