I’m Needing Another Staycation… No Place Like Home

Well I was going to go skydiving tomorrow in Kona, but that has pretty much “Flown out the window” and “Gotten Grounded”.  So now I’ll be still heading over to the Royal Kona Resort tomorrow evening and checking some things out on the way.

Mai Tai's at the poolside?

The nicest thing about getting over to the Kona side of the island…  is that the weather is warmer, the beaches are nicer, the mosquitoes bite less, and I can sleep peacefully without hearing these dang coquis at night!

I also personally think the restaurants on that side of the island are much better then the Hilo side, but that’s just a personal preference.

While I enjoy going over there for “Staycations” I still prefer living over here on the east side of the island in the jungle so to speak.

I guess us folks on the Big Island are really lucky that we do have so many different places that we can go to.  It’s funny, I know Kona folks that prefer coming to the east side of the island for their vacations.

It’s all relative to where you live I guess… and there is always “no place like home”.

Maui Resident Appointed Next US Poet Laureate

W.S. Merwin, who was appointed the next US poet laureate today, couldn’t get any less Washington. The 82-year-old Zen Buddhist lives in a rainforest in Hawaii, where he spends much of his time nurturing endangered plants.

Merwin’s poems, which he still composes in longhand, are spare, unpunctuated, and ethereal. Often limning the immutability of nature and the deficiencies of human language, they owe more to Asian and Latin American poets, many of whose work Merwin has translated, than to Beltway favorites such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Robert Frost…

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