Crazy Hawaiian Jumps Into Ocean and Rides Whale Shark!

I just saw this video that got uploaded to youtube today and all I have to say is holy crap!

Our parasailing instructor in Hawaii turns the boat around after a rare whale shark sighting off the coast of Honolulu. He jumps in and rides one of the two sharks for a few seconds before returning to the boat!


Lt. Governor Aiona to Present $140,000 Check to Hilo Medical Center Rural Residency Program

Media Release:

On Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 2:00 p.m., Lt. Governor James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr., will present a check in the amount of $140,000.00 to the John A. Burns School of Medicine – Hilo Medical Center Rural Residency Program, at the Rural Residency Program Office located at 45 Mohouli Street in Hilo. Lt. Governor Aiona will present the check to members of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation, the Rural Residency Program and Hilo Medical Center Regional Board.

“Our administration has been aware of the acute shortage of doctors in East Hawaii. The East Hawaii community has banded together to support the Rural Residency Program and I’m privileged and honored to be able contribute the State’s share to support this much needed program. Despite our State’s financial troubles, our Administration has taken the necessary steps to make sure this worthwhile program is funded.” noted the Lt. Governor.

The Lt. Governor will give brief remarks. Invited speakers include:

  • Lori Rodgers, Executive Director, Hilo Medical Center Foundation
  • Julie Tulang, Vice President of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation
  • Brian Iwata, East Hawaii Regional Board, Finance Chair
  • Dr. Luci Bucci
  • Boyd Murayama, Medical Group Program Director
  • Dr. Linda Dolan, Hilo Medical Center.

2nd Annual Battle of the BBQ Now Accepting Applications

Media Release:

The Second Annual Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai Festival “BATTLE OF THE BBQ” is now accepting applications:

The festival will be held on the grounds of the Royal Kona Resort on August 14, 2010. It’s all about Mai Tai’s, Don the Beachcomber, Tiki culture and island fun! There is no fee to participate and you will be given $100 to offset your costs. What you create with it is your ticket to winning the PEOPLE’s CHOICE award(s)


5-night stay for two at Royal Lahaina Resort in deluxe ocean view room, 2 tickets to the Royal Lahaina luau, food and beverage credit of $500 and 2 RT Air Travel from Kona to Kahului plus a round of golf for two at Kaanapali Golf course!

Please provide at least 300 taster pieces; we are shooting for 500 attendees.

You have free creative expression for your dish and booth; however, we might recommend promoting Big Island spirit and lighthearted fun – as this event is about the fun that Mai Tai’s create! Keep in mind our theme when styling out your booth – again, HAVE FUN with this one!

Event electricity is limited; please do not plan on using high current appliances. Please contact us immediately if your entry requires significant electricity use on-site.

Your food booth:

1. Two (2) tables with cloths will be provided – PLEASE DECORATE….remember Mai Tai’s, Tikis, hula girls, palm trees, island icons….

2. Please bring all serving utensils, napkins, plates, lights, extension cords etc. necessary for your booth.

3. Food safety regulations require that you bring 10X10 Tent and lights; Please advise if you do not have a tent and we will work to provide one for you. Please advise if you do not have a charcoal grill and one will be provided for you.

4. Royal Kona will provide your booth with hand sanitation per regulations


1. Set up can begin anytime after 7am with doors opening at 10 am; your taster should be ready by 11am

2. You will be assigned a booth number prior to your arrival and booths will be marked accordingly

3. The booths will shut down at 2pm


1. Guests will purchase ticket to enter event and be given 2 Ballots:

a. People’s Choice Best Tasting

b. People’s Choice – Best all around Presentation – food and Booth

2. It’s BATTLE OF THE BBQ…A Charcoal BBQ must be used for some element of your taster.

3. Royal Kona Resort is happy to be hosting and participating in the event this year and as the Winner of People’s Choice last year will not be eligible to accept votes.

PLEASE FAX THIS FORM TO CHEF MIKE LAMB at 808-329-7230 by July 15, 2010 or call Jeff Isbister at 808-329-3111 for more information.

Battle of the BBQ

An Update on the Skydiving and Parks and Recreation Situation

I mentioned the other day how skydivers were having difficulty getting permits to jump and threatened with arrest if they were to do so.

It now appears that there was some mix up in communication and that skydivers will be allowed to jump only on one day (JULY 4th) during a thirty minute time interval.

I received the following email this morning from the owner of the company:

…After all the fuss about no insurance, they are going to allow up to 10 skydivers into ballpark 5 between 4:30 and 5:00PM for one skydive, but still no tandem skydiving, as that is commercial activity…

So needless to say… I won’t be jumping this weekend as I’ve only tandem skydived before.

Me freefalling with Skydive Hawaii

So you Kona folks make sure you look up into sky between 4:30 and 5:00 and check-out the skydivers that will be dropping in on your town!

Wordless Wednesday – Food Waste

I’m going bananas… I see them…

But I just can’t reach them