The 9th Annual MATE International ROV Competition

Today I attended the competition missions & engineering evaluations day of the the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) International ROV Competition at UH Hilo’s campus.

I watched the Ranger Mission’s first:

If you don’t know what ROV stands for, it stands for Remote Operated Vehicles.

In the Ranger Class, there were schools from all over America, as well as the countries of Scotland, Hong Kong – China, and Taiwan.

The Hong Kong team below didn’t speak much English and I wonder how they felt about me taking pictures of their ROV?

Here is the complete list of schools competing in theĀ  Ranger Division:

After the Ranger Missions, I watched theĀ  Explorer Missions:

Schools from all over America participated in this as well as two teams from Russia and another from Scotland and China.

Of course the local kids were pretty thrilled to learn about Russian culture from the Russian kids.

Here is a complete list of the Explorer Teams that participated:

There were a lot of bright minds at that pool today.

It feels pretty good knowing that our future generation of kids are learning things that I never even dreamed about learning when I was a kid.

These remote vehicles varied from fairly simple

To very complex

and quite awkward looking things!

The competition wraps up tomorrow with an awards banquet and ceremony at Edith Kanakaole Stadium.

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below or above for a larger view:

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  1. Aloha Damon, your photos are awesome. Mahalo for coming and informing the people of the Big Island of MATE’s ROV competition. This means a lot to the kids.

  2. Thanks for the photos! I’ll be down there tomorrow to see those great ROV’s for myself. Not doing poolside judging for the international, but I did help judge the technical reports, a big part of each team’s score.

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