Hawaii Census Data Release – Big Island Shows the Most Growth

The state of Hawaii grew 6.9 percent in the past decade, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report released Tuesday.

In terms of percentage growth, Hawaii County showed the most, at 19.6 percent, followed by Maui County at 13.3 percent. Kauai County had a population growth of 10.4 percent in the past decade.

Honolulu was ranked as the 50th largest incorporated area in the United States in 2009 with a population of 374,701. That ranking is unchanged from 2008…

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  1. So is the census officially over? I never received a form and never was visited by a worker. Since I work at home, there’s not much chance that I missed a bunch of visits. Sheesh.

    • There is one more operation where they go back and make sure Vacants and Deletes are actually vacant and delete.

      If you want to do the census still… Please call 808-697-7220 Monday through Saturday between 8 am and 5 Pm to complete one over the phone.

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