The Hawaii “Safety Check”

What’s the deal with Hawaii’s requirement of defacing your car with a damn sticker on it?

Everything that is needed should and can be acquired by DMV and Motor Vehicle Registration.

I myself know of folks banking off fake safety check stations.

One more bogus thing we have to pay in Hawaii because of lack of automation and knowledge of the basic thing called a COMPUTER!

8 Responses

  1. anyone know the penalty for a fake or stolen sticker on your car?

  2. So…once upon a time I wanted to sell my car to my landlord to cover some of my back-rent. The only problem was that it didn’t have a safety sticker, so we couldn’t transfer the title. Well long story short…we went to one of the stations in Hilo and tried to get a sticker. The guy checked my window tint and wouldn’t give me the sticker because it was too dark. So right there I called my landlord (who was a prominent Pocho guy) and all I had to do was say his first name within earshot of the station attendant, who then asked me “your landlord is so-and-so?”. I said yeah, and he went into his office and grabbed the sticker and told me to have a nice day.

  3. safety checks = guaranteed revenue streams for local mechanics and service stations. with some revenue for the county as well.

    lobbyists and campaign contributions can get a lot done for auto industry folks.

    in spirit it’s a great idea, in practice it’s added beaurocracy and cost to benefit a lucky few….

  4. Oh Damon:
    You must have read my mind. I got a ticket for expired safety sticker on my 7 year old car that only has 30,000 miles, when I was coming back from Pahoa on Friday.

    Now where was the cop as I was driving TO your house, when some idiot cut a fast left in front of me to get into Ainaloa??? At least I knew my brakes were working BEFORE I got my safety check!

    • Nope… not reading your mind… but I hope you get your safety check now.

      Not much too fight about it in court… just get it corrected and pay more attention next year.

      By the way mom… what in the hell did they pull you over for in the first place??? Teasing ??? LOL!

      • It was only the safety sticker. I was driving REAL CAUTIOUSLY after the close call at Ainaloa.

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