Skydiving Comes to the Big Island for a Limited Time Only!

I began the year by jumping out of a airplane with Skydive Hawaii.

Now it looks like other Big Island folks will have a limited chance to skydive here on the Big Island in a few weeks.

…Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is skydiving planned at the Old Kona Airport Park and beach, July 2 to 5, 2010.  This will be an opportunity for the skydivers of the Big Island to enjoy the sport they love, close to where they live.  Additionally, many of the skydivers from Oahu and Maui have never made a skydive on Hawaii and are looking forward to the opportunity.  A Big Island RW record (Relative Work is making formations during freefall) jump is planned with 10 skydivers using 2 aircraft flying in formation.  Look for a large US flag flying over Kona on the 4th of July!  There may be opportunity for limited tandem skydiving during this period, if there is a demand.  If people are interested, $165 plus tax for a tandem skydive, $25 for licensed solo skydivers.  Please direct interested people to contact me at, to make reservation or for more information.  All jumpers must be over 18, weigh 200 pounds or less and execute our standard liability release.  Taking off from Kona International, the jumps will be made at 9,000 to 10,000 feet and Old Kona Airport Park is the intended landing area…

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