Another Highway 130 Accident

I’m not a big believer in accidents as they can be prevented, but with Highway 130… its always an accident just waiting to happen.

Yesterdays wreck was at Orchidland Drive and H130.   (*Posted from cell phone on Tuesday… don’t know why it took so long to post to my blog)

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  1. Understood about responsibility.

    It is the magnitude of the event that I am addressing.
    Also, you will notice that most data reports ‘collisions’ or ‘crashes’, rather than ‘accidents’.

    In any case, thank you for keeping attention focused on the death, maiming, and property loss our community endures because of our road.

  2. Damon,
    Something to consider…
    Part of beginning to resolve the situations is the refer to these as “crashes” or “collisions”, not “accidents”. When I spill a glass of water, that is an accident. When motor vehicles collide due to a dysfunctional road, that is no accident.

    • Sorry James… I will disagree with you just a bit.

      When you spill a glass of water… that’s not an accident… that’s you being a klutz. You need to own up to your own responsibility in something like this.

      Hawaii 130 People get in wrecks because it’s not their own stupidity.

      Spilling a glass of water is preventable with more caution… Highway 130… No matter how much caution you take at times… you could be subjected to someone elses stupidity and die!

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