Update on the Puna News… Newspaper

The other day I asked what was going on with the Puna News and I got the following reply from the operator of it:

Hi Damon,

Yes, I think we have met–at least your name is familiar to me. As to the Puna News–Long story short, the poor economy hit. So, I’m trying to get it together to put on line. Not a blog or anything like that but the regular paper. Smaller sheet (81/2 x 11) so if a reader wants to print it out they can; full advertising, etc. I just need time which lately nobody seems to want to let me have. But it’s close and will be out this month–all things going right.

I sent her the following reply… but truth be told… I really don’t think the above methodology will work at all!

Thanks for the clarification,

Best of luck… you do know that a blog can be printed don’t you. Also you can update it at your own will and have ads on it as well.

You can also have reader feed back as well as have multiple folks contributing to it all from their own desks.

It only costs $15.00 for a decent site.

Best of luck.


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  1. Oops. Sorry, I was typing too fast. I meant to say.

    Heck, I’ll give her a domain and host it for free. I have server space galore.

  2. Heck, I’ll give a domain and host if for free. I have server space galore.

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