I Have a Very Bad Feeling in My Stomach Tonight

I’m not happy about the results of what happened today.  I can’t say too much.

I will say that I want to say mahalo to a guy that worked very hard for not only me… but then when we switched rolls… he worked hard for all of us here in the Puna District doing what he was doing.

I have a very bad feeling in my stomach tonight as I don’t like how “Shit rolls down hill”.

Many folks have worked very hard on this “Project” to benefit everyone in our community and I don’t like it when people are crapped on for attempting to do their best.

I was in his position for awhile and I’m glad I’m no longer in that position.  You can only love your community  so much before the pain exceeds the pleasure.

To folks that don’t understand this cryptic message… that’s fine… It’s not meant for you to read.

I love our community and will do anything for it… except land myself in jail.

2 Responses

  1. Good Morning, I bid you welcome… there are always two or more sides to a story and perhaps we can personally exchange our puzzle pieces to form “the bigger picture” if you like. Yes, there’s a very slippery slope we walk on of slippery sh*t. You would know how to contact me in a confidential way.

  2. Hope that sh*t doesn’t roll down hill too much and hit you. I certainly have noticed that you have to be careful about community involvement. It seems there is someone always on the other side, and no matter how good of a job you are doing or if the community changes it’s mind on something they will blame “you” when everything doesn’t work out according to plan.

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