Silent Sunday and the Death of the Advertiser… Big Island Newspapers Don’t Have Blogs!

I’ve been kind of waiting for something big to come out of the Honolulu Advertiser today and I really guess it is just gonna kind of  fade off into the dust after more then a century of reporting news here in Hawaii.

Some folks are saying that the dynamics of the the whole digital era is what really killed off the Honolulu Advertiser… I’ve been saying that for the last 6-7 years now.

Big Island papers will probably consolidate soon.  I’ve already started thinking of names.  “Hawaii Tribune Today” was the newspaper name that I think would be most feasible combining Hawaii Tribune Herald with West Hawaii Today.

The funny thing… I don’t think there would be that many lay-offs as both papers seem to use articles at will from the pool of Stephens Media writers here on the island at their expense.

It kind of seems like… hey… “if there is nothing to print… let’s print something from the other side of the island… no one will notice the difference any ways.”

I mean they do it anyways and all they do is change their headlines.

For example today’s Hawaii Tribune-Herald had the following: What Happened to the Rain? and then the West Hawaii Today had the following: Isle Drought:  No End in Sight.  Exact same author, exact same article, just a different headline.

I also find it funny that these two newspapers are using the term “Blog” to attract readers to something on their papers and what I think they are simply doing is leading readers to viewer comments by cashing in on a key phrase, as the word “Blog” is hot right now.

When will either paper realize they don’t have any blogs on their sites?  They have comments on their sites to articles that were written!

Or maybe they simply don’t know the difference… pfft! :roll:

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  2. And the quality of the comments on the WHT site are hideous. It seems like there are a handful of people who just scream at each other on every article. They supposedly have some kind of “rules of behavior” but they obviously don’t do anything to try to keep it civil.

  3. Unfortunately, I think the Advertiser lost touch with the community. Its opinions were not consistent with community directions or needs, thus readership shrank.

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