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The Members of the Hawaii Geothermal Working Group Are…

Mayor Kenoi’s office recently announced the following about a Hawaii geothermal working group:

A working group established by state lawmakers to evaluate the potential for new geothermal development in the County of Hawai`i held its first meeting in Mayor Billy Kenoi’s office in the County Building on Wednesday.

The 11-member working group was created under Senate Concurrent Resolution 99 (SCR 99), which asks the County to convene the group to evaluate the potential of geothermal to serve as the primary energy source for electricity in the County of Hawai`i… More Here

I was curious who this 11 member task force was and inquired about it and was told this:

Mayor appoints: Richard Ha, Hamakua Springs president
Helco appoints: Jay Ignacio, Helco president
Big Island Labor Alliance appoints: Wally Ishibashi, ILWU business agent
Hawaii Island Economic Development Board appoints: Barry Mizuno
Public Utilities Commission appoints: Carlito Caliboso
Office of Hawaiian Affairs appoints: Robert Lindsey
DBEDT appoints: Ted Peck
Senate President appoints: Nelson Ho
House Speaker appoints: Patrick Kahawaiolaa
Mayor appoints: Jacqui Hoover

The chairperson of Board of Land and Natural resources is supposed to a DLNR representative as the 11th member of the panel, but I’m not sure if they plan to participate. Anyway, Laura Thielen has not appointed anyone yet.

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