When You Look at Me Funny…

Just want to apologize to all the folks that say “Hi Damon” and I can’t acknowledge them by name.

It feels stupid when I can’t remember someone… and I don’t ever want to offend anyone.

I deal with a lot of folks both online and offline on a daily basis.

In the last year or so I  learned it was much easier for me to just carry cash on me then have to break out my ID at times.

I wish more people would get online and start getting with technology here on the Big Island already.

Trust me folks… I’m just a normal everyday guy that wants the best for our community.  I’m very surprised at the interest and/or readership you readers that read my blog have in my life at times.

Mahalo for reading… just wish I was a better writer at times.

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  1. Hey Damon!
    I don’t know you IRL (yet?) but I follow you on Twitter and this-here blog of yours.

    My husband and I are moving to the Big Island next fall (a whole frickin year away! snap!) and I really appreciate your posts about the goings on there on that rock.

    i hear you though, about distinguishing a new title for your blog… to help you decipher where you know people from. But, keep rockin it. I really appreciate (and look forward to) your updates– even if they’re just updates from the news.

    Lizzie Vance

  2. Hey Damon – I think we are really a “social media twin”. If you look at my post from yesterday, it’ kinda similar tine as this post – just connecting with our readers and appreciating them :) Keep up the good work. Aloha!

  3. Yeah, that’s the problem with having a blog. Normally I am horrible with names and faces, often embarrassingly so. Made all the worse when someone starts talking to me in a familiar tone, and I have no idea who they are.

    “You are the guy who does Darker View…”

    • At least when they Identify you by a “Darker View” you know where they are coming from.

      I’m just straight Damon Tucker… I don’t even know if they know about my blog at times… know me from training half the island census workers or just know me from my past or my family.

      Maybe I should change my name of my blog so at least when people think or pretend they know me … they say… hey… your the dude that has “*****” as your site.

      Now with the political season going on… I see more and more folks falling for the game…

      I’m not gonna do it this year.

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