Pahoa Students Suspended for Sidewalk Chalk on Buildings?

I’m sorry folks, but I don’t know enough information on this… but if these kids were just using sidewalk chalk and then they cleaned it up… they should not be suspended from school for 10 days!

A group of Pahoa Intermediate School students will miss the first two weeks of the next school year after they seemed to get a bit carried away during a game of hopscotch.

The school’s principal says 11 students were suspended when they took the chalk they were using to draw hopscotch boxes on the sidewalk and started writing on walls…

While no permanent damage was done to the walls, Principal Dean Cevallos says it took the students about an hour to clean up their handiwork….

I can understand making them clean it up… but fricking 10 days???

2 Responses

  1. I started one school a month late because my family moved. Because I missed a month’s curriculum, I NEVER caught up in some of my classes, resulting in my first low grades… ever!!!

    There should be some other way of disciplinig these kids, rather than taking away so much education!!! Perhaps instead they should give up some of their summer break to paint bathrooms.

  2. Respect my authoratay!

    Seriously; 11 students? Let’s hope this situation gets corrected before school resumes.

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