I’m Off to the Na Hoku Festival

I’m heading over to Oahu to check out the Na Hoku Festival.

I’ll be uploading a few posts from my phone as well as tweeting most of the time I’m there.

I’d like to thank my sponsors that are hooking me up with this trip… as well as the Na Hoku Festival themselves for providing me the opportunity to go to something I’ve never been to before and only seen on TV!

There are many workshops that will be happening and I’ve registered for mostly the social media related ones.

I’ll be attending as many events that I can squeeze in as well as the HARA lifetime achievement awards on Saturday and the actual HARA Na Hoku Hanohano Awards Ceremony itself on Sunday evening.

I’m trying to make a few tweaks to my site so that my twitter #nahoku feed can be fed to this site.

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