What a Great Weekend at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

I had the opportunity to stay at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel this weekend courtesy of the folks at the hotel as well as the folks with the Big Island Film Festival.  I’ll post about the film festival a bit later but this one is all about the hotel!

All I can say is wow! When you first enter the lobby you see this great view of the Pacific Ocean and Hapuna Beach.


I arrived Friday about 1:00 and waited a just a bit for a room to be prepared for me as I was offered an early check-in time.

During this time that I waited, I took a few pictures of the place since I didn’t know where or what my room would look like.

I got my card key(s) and then proceeded to my room which was located in the third tower.  My room is in the picture below above the one with the towels hanging on the rail.

I’m not sure why they were hanging towels on the rail because on the lanai there was actually a rack to hang clothes and towels.

I was impressed by everything in the room.  I’ll just start off with the bathroom because that’s the first thing that you see as you go in the door.

I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a place that had such a fancy bathroom!  I mean you know it’s fancy… when the toilet has it’s own phone!

Across the hall from the bathroom you have a closet that comes with two shower robes and two pairs of comfort slippers.

I had a room with one king size bed so the room seemed even larger then it would be with two beds in the room.

And the view(s) from my lanai

Each morning I took a walk along the world famous Hapuna Beach.

I really enjoyed my stay there and I just wanted to say thanks to them for putting me up for the weekend.  All the staff was great…

… Although I did come across one total turkey!

I almost forgot to mention that they are currently offering a Kama’aina rate of $139.00

Feel free to click on the pictures below or above for larger views of them and Mahalo to the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel for hooking me up as I had never ever stayed there before!

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  1. Nice photos, Damon!

  2. Damon – When I worked ovah on dat side for a construction company, we built the big 20′ tall rock walls, and the one in your pic. Brings back memories of just being a young girl!! LOL Okay 32 but still…. I love both of the hotels – the MKBH and the Hapuna Prince! Thanks for the pics!

  3. Damon – If your blog readers want a chance to stay at the Hapuna Beach Prince for an even better rate, they can…on May 29th, if they’re attending Afternoon at Kahua!!

    The Prince is offering a special $99 rate for the night. For more information, check out the note I just posted on FB: http://www.facebook.com/notes/kahua-ranch-hawaii/hapuna-beach-prince-hotel-offers-special-room-rate-for-afternoon-at-kahua-guests/123353561022858

    A huge mahalo to the Hapuna Prince Beach Hotel for that…and I’ll add that I attended a wedding there just a few weeks ago. Such a perfect location for an event. (If I ever get married…..!)

    • Was the wedding on the point on the right end of the property facing Hapuna? Someone was getting married there when I was staying there.

      I felt like running over with my camera and taking pictures of the wedding because it was such a beautiful setting… but I held myself back… LOL

  4. Wow Damon – great in-depth look at one of the Big Island’s best. $139 kama’aina rate for a place like this is well worth thinking about for a great family stay-cation. Mahalo!

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